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Curtin University
Humanities Office of Research and Graduate Studies


Humanities HDR students are allocated $1400 per year (pro-rata for part-time students) for fieldwork and consumables expenses. This funding is accessible once you have candidacy approval and is administered by the Graduate Research School. For more information see their guidelines.

Yes, students may take a maximum of 12 months Leave of Absence during the duration of their enrolment. This may be taken due to reasons such as work or family commitments, illness, bereavement, etc. Please note, however, that periods of Leave of Absence must be greater than four weeks, and cannot be approved retrospectively. To apply for a Leave of Absence, please complete the application form available from the Graduate Research School's webpage.

If you are an International onshore student, please be aware that due to your student visa requirements, you may only take a Leave of Absence of up to six months at a time due to exceptional circumstances (illness, bereavement) and during this time you must reside in your home country. International Student Advisers, must approve your Leave of Absence form prior to submitting it to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Yes, every HDR student must submit an Annual Progress Report (APR). The APR process is very important because not only is it an indication of your intention to re-enrol for the following year, but also provides you with the opportunity to identify any issues surrounding your thesis, be they supervisory problems, lack of facilities or personal problems. There is also the chance to report in confidence - anything that you wish to report confidentially on a separate page will not be seen by your supervisor or the Board of Review, but only by the Administrator and Dean of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. You can be assured that every report and comment received is taken very seriously.

The only students exempt from submitting an APR are those who have submitted their thesis for examination prior to the APR due date. Visit Research & Development Graduate Studies Web Forms.

The Humanities Faculty Librarian can assist you with your EndNote queries. Library and Information Services (LIS) also run a Mastering Research Resources Seminar series as well as other workshops at which EndNote is a common theme. The timetable for all LIS workshops can be found here.